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COVID-19 and Clozaril: Your Questions Answered

As the global pandemic of COVID-19 continues to present challenges for people, some concerns have been raised regarding the use of Clozaril (generic name, Clozapine) as a mental health treatment during the pandemic. The use of this medication requires regular blood tests to ensure that its continued use is safe for the individual. Due to public health guidelines on social distancing and essential services, some health care providers are not able to provide the necessary blood testing at this time.
Recommendations for health care providers:
Health Canada has recommended that health care providers use their best clinical judgement to assess the benefits and the risks of blood testing for patients receiving Clozaril and to have discussions with their patients regarding the risks. If patients must forgo or delay blood tests, health care providers must document this and work with the Clozaril Support and Assistance Network (CSAN) to ensure ongoing monitoring. Their website can be accessed here.
Recommendations for patients:
We encourage all individuals who have concerns about their medication to talk to your family doctor, psychiatrist or pharmacist. For individuals taking Clozaril, you can also contact the CSAN program at (800) 267-2726 or your local region CSAN Nurse Educator at the numbers listed below.
If you are taking Clozaril and you experience any symptoms of an infection such as a fever, contact your doctor immediately to receive blood testing.
Region Nurse Educator Phone Number
Ontario West Olga Kurylo (416) 779-7158
Ontario East Sue Swaine (613) 720-1131
Ontario Ottawa Sarah Marchand-Lacoursière (514) 229-5776
Quebec Marie-France Sabourin (514) 951-4703
Atlantic Marie-France Sabourin (514) 951-4703
West Coast Moriah Tate (780) 281-1332