CBT for Psychosis (CBT-p) Informed Workshop for Family Caregivers

CBT for Psychosis (CBT-p) Informed Workshop for Caregivers

Date: August 24th, 26th and 31st  
Time: 6 - 8 pm
Note: This is a virtual workshop consisting of three sessions; access will be provided to registrants.
Join us for a newly adapted virtual workshop supporting those who care for a family member/friend living with psychosis, offering proven strategies informed by a unique CBT-p model.

What is the workshop like?
This workshop helps those living with or caring for someone with serious mental illness such as psychosis or schizophrenia become a partner in recovery and healing. 
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The workshop consists of three virtual sessions:
• Tuesday August 24th (6pm-8pm): Healthier Thinking (3Cs – catch it, check it, change it)
• Thursday August 26th (6pm-8pm): Healthier Communication (Navigates through stress, anxiety, distress and other psychological symptoms that make it difficult to communicate, including delusions, voices – i.e. psychosis)
• Tuesday August 31 (6pm-8pm): Healthier Home Life
(Helps participants learn how to co-create a supportive, accepting environment, encourages participation in activities, promotes/supports recovery)

The workshop also addresses topics such as self-care, resources and coping strategies to be a partner in their loved one’s recovery journey and improve their quality of life.
Click here to download the full agenda for the CBT-p Informed Family Caregiver Training. 

Overview of the Coaching Sessions of CBT-p Family Caregivers Training
In the six workshops, you will be coached in smaller groups to further learn how to cope with common issues in supporting your family member with schizophrenia and other forms of psychosis. You will have the opportunity to bring forth your own concerns, learn new coping skills and develop solutions to meet your needs.
You will:            
• Feel empowered and confident when you handle difficult situations at home
• Enhanced understanding of your caregiving experience
• Have the opportunity to learn, develop solutions and practice skills in a safe supportive environment
• Have the opportunity to share and with other family caregivers and be supported in the group.

Coaching sessions consists of 6 virtual group sessions: 
• Tuesday September 7th (6pm-8pm): Break-Out Follow-up from Training
• Thursday September 9th(6pm-8pm): Hearing Voices and Unhelpful Thinking: How to Cope
• Tuesday September 14th (6pm-8pm): Depression and Anxiety in Psychosis: How to Cope
• Thursday September 16th (6pm-8pm): Medication
• Tuesday September 21st (6pm-8pm): Learning through Crisis: One Step at a Time
• Tuesday September 28th (6pm-8pm): Hope and Recovery: How Do We Move Forward

Sophie Hwang, MSW, Ph.D (Ed.)
Sophie is the the CBT-p training lead and Support Services Manager at IAM. She provides support and services to individuals and family members who are impacted by a broad range of psychotic illness, including schizophrenia. She also developed and delivers IAM’s Recovery in Action Cognitive Behavioural Therapy group for individuals living with psychosis. She received  her CBT training from the University of Toronto and the Beck Institute. A registered social worker, Sophie has an MSW from York University and an MEd in counselling psychology and PhD in Education from the University of Toronto.
Alyssa Hirji, MSW, RSW
Alyssa received her Master of Social Work from the University of Toronto and is the Family & Individual Clinical Counsellor at IAM. She has experience providing both individual and group support to individuals and families affected by mental illness, particularly psychosis. Alyssa has previously project managed the CBT-p Informed Workshop for Family Caregivers, and is currently a lead facilitator of the Recovery In Action program, a CBT-p informed psychoeducational support group for individuals living with psychosis. Alyssa continues to receive CBT training through the Beck Institute.

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Prior to registering you must review IAM's CBT-p consent formSelecting ‘yes’ below when registering serves as your consent to receive services from IAM in the form of the CBT-p program.

Please note: Registration for CBTp program is non-transferrable and valid for one participant, links are not to be shared with individuals who have not registered to minimize risk and preserve the safety and confidentiality of our participants.

This program is facilitated by registered social workers and may be partially covered by your health care insurance. Coverage varies, so please check with your provider to determine eligibility.

Take advantage of early-bird pricing of $250. EBP ends August 2nd at 9AM.
There will be a $50 administration charge for refunds.

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