Clinical & Lived-Experience Speaker Session

Clinical & Lived-Experience Speaker Session

*This event has reached its capacity. Please monitor the website for future webinars.*


IAM invites you to join us at our upcoming virtual Clinical & Lived-Experience Speaker Session! Learn about the clinical experience of supporting individuals living with complex and chronic mental illness, facilitated by Susan Tang, family & individual Clinical counsellor at IAM. 

You will also hear from Tami Afriat, a member of IAM speaker’s bureau and mental health advocate, who will share her experience living with schizophrenia. Tami is dedicated to highlighting how people living with mental illness can meaningfully participate in society. 

You will learn:
  • - The clinical experience in working with individuals living with complex and chronic mental illness of psychosis

  • - A brief overview of psychosis

  • - The symptomology of psychosis

  • - Treatment options available


Dates: Thursday June 30, 2022  
Time: 6:00-7:00pm EST
Price: Free!

Pease note: these sessions are not recorded. 
Meet our Presenters:
Sophie-Hwang_300px.png Susan Tang, BSW, MSW, RSW
Family and Individual Counsellor

Susan has extensive experience working in various aspects of healthcare (inpatient, outpatient, private, and community-based care) and aims to direct her focus on supporting individuals with complex, chronic mental health challenges and their support circles. Applying a strengths-based lens to her work, she uses trauma-informed, narrative-focused and cognitive-based modalities in her work to empower clients and to introduce them to new ways of working, caring and being.
Alyssa_Hirji_300px.png Tami Afriat 
IAM Speakers Bureau Member, Author, Entrepreneur

An avid public speaker, author and entrepreneur, Tami continually works towards accomplishing her goals. She is a proud mother to her teenage daughter and the author of “Put Me In A Box”. Diagnosed with chronic paranoid schizophrenia and anorexia over 32 years ago, Tami hopes that one day, mental illness will be viewed by society the same way that physical illness is – so people living with mental illness can receive the same support from friends, family and their community. Currently, Tami is an active member of IAM’s speaker’s bureau, sharing her story of resilience and hope to others.

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