Who we are

Group of people on the left, IAM logo, and text in the middle "innovating, supporting, driving change with people impacted by mental illness
The Canadian Institute for Advancements in Mental Health (IAM), is a connector, collaborator, thought leader and solution driven organization, supporting, innovating and driving change for better mental health.

IAM innovates in mental health with a focus on returning solutions back to communities, through partnership and collaboration.  

Through our own in-house services, we design programs around the needs of our clients - people with complex mental health needs and their support circles. 

In 2017, we created a unique, first-of-its kind community-based mental health innovation platform: a designated space for mental health innovation entrenched within a mental health service organization. 

At IAM, we envision a society that helps anyone impacted by mental health issues thrive. We call this vision redesigning society for better mental health. Creating environments that are more inclusive, positive and accepting for people with mental illness is central to our work and our services. 

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Innovating our Services      

At IAM, the support services we offer are designed around our clients. Our recovery, education, counselling and all other frontline supports are modeled around people, their complex needs, and the principles of human-centered design and inclusion. 

Our clients are equal partners in how our programs and services are created, built on their documented, demonstrated needs. This ongoing input means we are always responsive and oriented to what they tell us, relying on a design process that moves from discovery to iteration to a final solution. 

Our value proposition

We operate through a leading, synergistic relationship between innovation and service, where people living with mental health needs are both the co-creators and beneficiaries of the services and solutions we build. 

What we believe in:

At IAM, we believe in a community that works together supporting people with mental illness and expanding opportunities for better mental health. IAM’s values, below, support this work:
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We believe that we are better together, not alone.
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We question what’s not working and move fast to create meaningful change.
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We work for better mental health with unwavering candor, compassion, and respect, always.
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We listen to what people need so that together, we can deliver real solutions for real lives. 

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