why innovation

The current mental health system can no longer support the growing rates of mental illness in our society. By 2041, an estimated 8.9 million Canadians will be living with a mental illness. This gives us a timely but passing opportunity to re-evaluate and re-imagine how we problem-solve at the community level - before people find themselves in crisis or in need of urgent care. 

Innovation offers us the lens through which we can refocus our efforts, bring the right people and partners together, and understand the ways in which society is ground zero for us to rethink mental health supports and interventions. We do this not only through usual and unusual partnerships within our Innovation Platform, but within our own programs and services through our Service Delivery area,  ensuring the way we help is designed with and for people living with mental health needs. 

Why now?

Innovation in mental health care is lacking
  • From 45 of the largest innovation labs/centres in Canada, none has mental health as a focus. Most have been established independently and thus are disconnected from each other and the health care system. (2018 Converge Report)
  • Current innovation hubs working on mental health/wellness are not developing widespread solutions.
  • IAM wants to bring siloed innovators and innovation shops together to integrate knowledge sharing but to also help create real and meaningful solutions that people need, faster.

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