innovation Platform

Our innovation platform offers innovators a path from concept (Incubation) to adoption (Acceleration, Futures Lab), while also creating the conditions and environment for diverse collaboration with people, communities, investors and leaders (Partnership Ecosystem) to help solutions thrive. Throughout everything, we will always optimize learning opportunities, from our successes and failures equally (Learning Network), and rely on digital resources to facilitate our collaborative needs. We will be leaders in endorsing a culture of innovation and authentic partnership — all while consistently measuring and evaluating the trajectory of our work (Evaluation, R&D). All of these elements set the stage for building scalable and sustainable solutions to help ‘redesign society for better mental health’.

The platform includes:
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Mental Health Incubator:
  A designated space where innovators can work on their new or existing early stage mental health idea, with the potential for wider adoption. 

blue circle with leaf growing iconKnowledge Network: As we work together with others across sectors to create mental health innovations, we begin to build a body of knowledge, resources, and standards to share. Based in innovation and active research. 

blue circle with four people iconPartnership Ecosystem: A collection of critical thinkers and leaders in innovation & mental health, including those with lived experience. The ecosystem links together investors, funders, community organizations, corporate sector, government and other partners and currently boasts at least 150 mental health partners and innovators.  

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Futures Lab:
Here, we imagine what our mental health future will look like! We will look not only at the future of mental health, but the growing gulf between solution availability and adoption.