In Honour and In Memory of Gift…Beyond Saying Thank Youin-memory-donation-visual.png

Give a meaningful gift in honour or in memory of someone and support individuals and families receive the mental health help they need.
Your generosity will ensure that the Institute for Advancements in Mental Health (IAM) remains a fully accessible resource where people can turn to for help during difficult times – with or without a diagnosis. Your gift helps IAM to expand its reach through the ongoing development programs and services, as well as the creation of practical tools and supports.
By making an in honour or in memory of gift, you will help us continue to provide:
•       Over 1,700 individuals and caregivers with support.
•       Over 600 hours to assist those impacted by mental illness through IAM’s support line.
•       Approximately 800 individuals across Ontario with education through IAM’s workshops and webinars.

Your investment today will reap long-lasting dividends.